Dr. Mohammad Derakhshan

Mohammad Derakhshan, MD, PhD
Assistant professor of clinical virology
Department of virology in Ghaem hospital and Buali research institute
Mashhad University of Medical Sciences (MUMS)
Mashhad, IRAN
Email: derakhshanm[at]mums.ac.ir
Tel: +98 5118012453
Fax: +98 5117627605
·        Medical student in Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS). IRAN, 1980-1982
·        MD (Doctor in Medicine), Mashhad University of Medical Sciences (MUMS), IRAN, 1980-1988
·        MSc course in medical microbiology, University of Surrey, England, UK,  2001-2002
·        PhD (Doctor of philosophy), University of Surrey, England, UK, 2002-2005
·        Several short courses on: internal medicine, infectious disease, continuous quality improvement (CQI), total quality management (TQM), primary health care (PHC) in IRAN and Commercializationand enterprise and English language courses in UK, since 1988. 
 Teaching subjects:
1. Clinical Virology
2. Medical terminology
3. Cellular and molecular biology
4.Apoptosis (programmed cell death)
5. Nosocomial viral infections
6. Biosafety  
7. Medical research methodology
8. Primary health care (PHC)
9. Health management
10.Continues quality improvement (CQI)
11.Total quality management (TQM) 
      12. Plan of action (POA)
1.      Assistant professor of clinical virology, Department of virology , Ghaem hospital, MUMS, mashhad, Iran 2006 to present
2.      Researcher  in microbiology and virology research centre, Buali research institute, MUMS, mashhad, Iran,  2006 to present
3.      Member of clinical research committee,  MUMS 2006 to present
4.      Deputy of research in microbiology and virology group, MUMS 2007 to present
5.      Demonstrator in virology, University of Surrey, England, 2002-2006
6.      Member of society for general microbiology (SGM)  in UK
7.      Referee for Saudi Medical Journal (SMJ)
8.      Referee for Iran Medical Journal, MUMS.
9.      Head of health network development centre, Khorasan province health centre ,MUMS, 1996-2001
10.  Deputy of vice president for health, MUMS, 1996-2001
11.  Instructor in Khorasan province health centre MUMS. Teaching subjects: principles of health network development, PHC, CQI, TQM, management and infectious diseases for managers, medicine and Para medicine students.
12.  Member of communicable diseases committee, MUMS, 1996-2001
13.   Member of editorial committee of MUMS' bulletin, 1998-2001
14.   Member of editorial committee of Raze Behzistan magazine, Khorasan province health centre, MUMS, 1998-2001
15.  Member of CQI committee, MUMS, 1998-2001
16.  Member of special committee of health, Khorasan province health centre MUMS, 1996-2001
17.  Member of human resource  committee, Vice Presidency for Administration and Finance Affairs, MUMS, 1998-2001
18.  Member of human resource  committee, Vice Presidency for health, MUMS, 1996-2001
19.  Manager of plan of action (POA) workshops, Khorasan province health centre MUMS, 1999-2001
20.  Head and physician in Mellat clinic, social security organization, Mashhad, Khorasan, Iran, 1993-1996
21.  Trustful physician of social security organization, Mashhad, Khorasan, Iran, 1993-1996
22.  Member of founders and physician of Al-Montazar charity clinic, Mashhad, Khorasan, Iran, 1993-1996
23.  Head of health network in Ghayen city, Khorasan province, , 1990-1993
24.  Head of medical commission in Ghayen city, Khorasan province, 1990-1993
25.  co-operator with united nation high commissioner refugees (UNHCR) for establishment of  clinics for Afghan refugees in Ghayen, Khorasan ,Iran 1990-1993
26.  Physician in Hasheminejad Hospital, Mashhad, 1988-1990
27.  Physician in Imam Hossein (A) Hospital, Mashhad, 1989-1990
28.  Physician in Sarvar clinic, Mashhad, 1987-1990
 Publications and presentations:
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